Caricatures & Editorial Art

These were done with SB Pro and Corel Painter. Click to Enlarge

Caricature of Mohamed Morsi by Lem Luminarias

Caricature of Huell Howser by Lem Luminarias

Caricature of President Cristina Kirchner by Lem Luminarias
Caricature of Ariz Sheriff Joe Arpaio by Lem Luminarias

Caricatures of Xi Jinping & Kim Jong-un

Caricature of Mark Zuckerberg

Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan

GOP Birther Donald Trump

caricatures of Tom and Ray Magliozzi

“Don’t drive like my brother.”

Caricatures of Tom Cruise and L. Ron Hubbard

"We are Pedo State."

These were digitally inked with Manga Studio.
Caricatures of the Euro bailout countries by Lem Luminarias

Pope Francis

Caricature of Vladimir Putin

Caricature of Stephen King

Caricature of Sarah Vowell

darwin moore



Caricature of Dan Cathy

Caricature of Gérard Depardieu

Caricature of Bashar al-Assad

Caricature of Dean Chambers